Angéline N. Pouget

Ambitious student. Curious researcher. Serial intern. Avid reader. Sports enthusiast.


Welcome! I’m Angéline, a MSc student at ETH Zürich, very curious about the world around me and deeply passionate about diving headfirst into fascinating topics. At the moment, I am mainly focusing on AI research and especially on ensuring the fairness and trustworthiness of machine learning models. Since early May 2024, I am a research intern at the Vector Institute and a visiting graduate student at the University of Toronto, advised by Nicolas Papernot. Before that, I was a student researcher at Google DeepMind, where I focused on evaluating and improving cultural diversity in contrastive vision-language models with Ibrahim Alabdulmohsin, Lucas Beyer, Xiaohua Zhai and others. I was also a research assistant at the SRI Lab with Martin Vechev, working on fair representation learning. Prior to this, I worked on neuro-symbolic AI at IBM Research with Abbas Rahimi, where I developed a factorizer for distributed sparse block codes.

Outside of my research endeavors, I have been fortunate enough to wear many different hats and explore various industries. I developed and priced cross-asset structured products and derivatives on the trading floor at Goldman Sachs in London, assisted different teams in solving challenging business problems at McKinsey & Company and closely collaborated with client stakeholders at Palantir Technologies. As a managing partner at Founderful Campus, I led a team of seven students while we scouted and selected eight promising startups in which we invested CHF 25k each. During my time at ETH, I served as a teaching assistant for four different lectures, during which I prepared and taught weekly exercise sessions, held exam preparation courses and served as a liaison between professors and students.

My Master’s degree studies are fully funded through the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP) of ETH Zürich. During my Bachelor’s degree studies, I was generously supported through a Werner Siemens Fellowship awarded by the Swiss Study Foundation and the Werner Siemens-Stiftung.


May 01, 2024 Until the end of this year, I will be working with Nicolas Papernot and the other CleverHans Lab team members as a research intern at the Vector Institute and a visiting graduate student at the University of Toronto.
Apr 28, 2024 During my Bachelor thesis with Abbas Rahimi and Michael Hersche at IBM Research, I developed a sparse resonator network (the full thesis can be found here). The resulting paper was just accepted for publication in Neurosymbolic Artificial Intelligence.
Apr 24, 2024 My new academic website is online!
Apr 17, 2024 I presented some of my research interests at this year’s Meet the Talent, organised by the ETH Foundation.
Mar 24, 2024 I was accepted into the 2024 Deep Learning + Reinforcement Learning (DLRL) Summer School taking place in Toronto in July.